Sigourney Young

Yoga for all

Welcoming. Empowering. Joyful.

Sigourney Young is a yoga teacher based in York, UK. After training with some of Australia’s best teachers Sigourney is bringing dynamic, accessible classes to students across Yorkshire.

No other exercise in the world is as widely agreed to assist with physical and mental wellbeing. To me, yoga should stop you in your tracks. Yoga can be disciplined, and it can be fun. It can be relaxing, and it can be energetic.I want to help my students find the balance that energises their daily lives.

As a teacher and student of yoga, I am interested in the way that yogic movement can bring us closer to our bodies, our breath, and help us develop presence in our day to day lives. The practice of movement can change the way you interact with your body, reduce the impacts of mental and physical stress, and teach valuable skills in breath and relaxation.

Yoga should be accessible to everyone, and there is no ‘right’ journey. Whatever brings you to yoga – fitness, flexibility, stress, strength, pain relief, reconnection, or a desire to try something new – all are welcome

Sigourney’s yoga class has very quickly become my respite from daily stresses and the highlight of my week! Having never done yoga before and being the least flexible person on the planet, I was nervous about starting out. Thank you, Sigourney for creating a beautiful atmosphere and giving me the strength to finally touch my toes!


– Hania